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Special Occasions

Birthday / Anniversary / Wedding Night / Babymoon / Weddingmoon and anything more...

In case you were wondering...

 A babymoon might be your last chance to be alone and relax with your partner. Babymoon is a relaxing or romantic vacation taken by parents-to-be before the baby is born. Simply put, it is a honeymoon before the baby arrives.

A weddingmoon — I didn't even know there was a name for it.  I used to tell everyone it was a pre-honeymoon, it’s such a great way to slow down, be centered and simply enjoy each other’s company before the wedding whirlwind hits.

Packages can include:

  • flowers
  • bed of roses
  • champagne on ice / red or white wine / wine glasses x 2 / champagne glasses x 2
  • chocolate / cheese & nibbles board
  • cushions / bohemian circular rug / candles / set up for your arrival on check in day or wedding night or proposal day

We can design and accommodate everyone’s requests.

I look forward to our connection and speaking with you soon.

Important Information

I am often asked if I have a price per package?

Unfortunately the answer is “I’m sorry it's not possible”.
The reason being: is so I can meet everyone’s needs to have each package suited to the individual couple on their special occasion… the month of the year and availability determines package prices, so I can only price at the time of our connection. I do hope you understand, and I look forward to connecting and planning your most special day together

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